The overmountain shelter has been officially closed as of September 6, 2019.  The US Forest Service put the closure in place due to structural instability.  It appears the building is leaning a enough of an angle, the are of afraid it may collapse.  The Forest Service has put the decision, of what to do with the old barn, on hold for at least a year. Due to the foundation it was built on, it may be a costly endeavor to repair the structure.

  • Overmountain Shelter

The barn is a welcome sight on a rainy day while hiking.  And the sunsets and views are amazing to wake up to.

As one of the most iconic shelters on the entire Appalachian Trail, and one of the most popular shelters on any trail, there is the utmost support to save it.  Thousands of hikers use the shelter every year and many hundreds plan there entire hike around the old barn.  It would be a very sad day if the decision were to be made to tear it down, like so many other shelters have.

This shelter is a historic part of The Appalachian Trail!